A philosophy of personal projects

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This is me.

Ok, I may have lost a bit of hair

  • Hugo Agbonon
  • SFR > TF1 > Le Monde
  • ~4 years of pro web dev skillz
  • PHP & JavaScript

I love coding

  • That's important
  • It feels like I create stuff.
  • It's my job
  • It's a hobby
  • You don't "work" @ home if you don't like it ('cause video games are cool, TV shows are cool, books are cool, life is cool)

So, big question:

Do you like coding?

btw if the answer is no, I get to go home

Then you should start a personal project

2 main perks:

  • Having something that is yours
  • Learn new stuff. Become a better dev

About learning new stuff...

  • You can be unprofessional!
  • You can play with whatever you want! (new framework! no framework! re-invent the wheel!)

  • Having no idea what you're doing is fun :)

Now, don't be irrealistic

A personal project is NOT a side-business

  • Aim for something achievable
  • Make something you WANT, or NEED
  • "Just ship it"

Reflecting on past mistakes

My first personal project (on hold) was a cross-platform rhythm game

  • Aim for something achievable --> "cross-platform rhythm game". With no game-making experience.
  • Make something you WANT, or NEED --> I still want it!
  • "Just ship it" --> Almost a total vaporware :(

But I learned a lot about front-end dev

Even if nothing is ever released, it was still good for me...

But working and not releasing anything is still frustrating

So go make your project

  • Aim small. Do something. Then, if you succeed, aim bigger!
  • No ideas about what to do? Go save the inernet @ http://www.whatcanidoformozilla.org/
  • Take breaks. Game of Thrones is fine, too.

Enough philosophy, give us something concrete!

How about Nope?

Thank you